Who are you?

We are a communication design consultancy based in Melbourne. We work across multiple platforms, creating and designing content for traditional print, digital media and motion, for both 2D and 3D spaces. Our work is crafted and conceptual.

We believe that everyone has the right to good design; objects, identities, places and spaces that are functional and beautiful. We design to improve each person’s experience of their world, ethically and sustainably.

Where have you come from?

At the end of 2011, after some years working in larger agencies and organisations in London servicing UK, US and EU markets, Principals Hannah and David returned to Australia to establish the studio in Melbourne.

What is the manualelectric?

Our work is characterised by a crafted and conceptual approach; a combination of aesthetic finesse and strategic process that has resonated with clients from cultural sectors to the business world.

Our approach is summed up by the term “Manual Electric”.

Manual: It's craft; attention to detail and a commitment to translating abstract ideas into concrete expressions, through perfect execution.

Electric: It's inspired lateral and strategic thinking, that excites and delights. Sometimes unexpected, but always astute and effective.

Can you help me with a business card / website?

Yes we can! But more than that, we can help you to make the best first impression. We ask questions like ‘Why?’ rather than ‘What?’. We work collaboratively with your team to understand the strategic goals of the business, and then advise on how to meet those needs in a way that will increase cut-through and add value to your offer.

These are our core skills:

Identity, Strategy & Marketing
We work with you to identify, plan and execute how to get your message out to the right people — it might be your brand, it might simply be a launch or campaign. We always aim to deliver as much as is possible with the most efficient use of time and resources. This process can involve workshops with your staff and leadership for larger organisations.

Print and Print Production
From brochures to banners, posters to packaging, we can create effective printed items for your specific communication need. We don’t just sit behind a screen and cross our fingers that it will turn out ok. We know that making things is a physical process and we understand the practicalities of making print sing. We'll even take a trip to watch your work come off the printing press to make sure it's up to scratch.

Digital Design
(Web Design, eNewsletters, digital presentations)
We design for user experiences - whether it's the online space or a screen presentation. Then we use our digital specialists to help us bring those designs to life.

How much do you cost?

Probably less than you’d think. Call us or come and grab a coffee, lets talk about it.

For more details, read our Fees section.

Are you any good?

Our Mums think so! But to be fair, we’re not sure they know exactly what we do. Our work has been celebrated by the design community, published, shared, critiqued and shortlisted. More importantly, our clients have seen their businesses grow, and are proud to have our work represent them to the world, and more often than not they become friends and advocates. We’re pretty happy about that.

Do you have any full time vacancies?

There are currently no full time vacancies. However, we are always looking for like-minded people to collaborate with, so please feel free to send a curated portfolio (less than 5MB please!) and 50 words on the etiquette of who gets the last prawn cracker in the bag to studio [@] manualelectric.com. We apologise, but we are not always able to respond to these emails. We'll do our best though!

Are you taking interns this year?

Unfortunately we do not have a formal internship program at the studio. Interns are only considered if applications are made through university programmes or tertiary institutions with which we have existing relationships.

Do you run workshops?

We do indeed. Studio Principal David has worked developing and facilitating ideation and creativity workshops in both corporate and educational contexts. The studio offers workshops independently or integrated with ongoing project work.

'Australian Modernists'. Explain?

Fair question. We are modernists in that we embrace technology and possibilities for communication brought through better and more efficient processes. We relentlessly refine, edit, strip back each piece of work until it contains only the essential communicative elements. We reject decoration or style without substance; each project needs to be conceptually driven, and formats are always defined by content.

The Australian bit, well we think that is a sense of humour, a smirk to accompany that high brow, a freedom with the expressiveness of colour, and a belief that design isn’t something to be consumed only by those in the scene. Design ought be democratic, and good design available to anyone.