The "Manual Electric"

We are a communication design studio based in Melbourne. We don’t just do one thing, but everything we do (and make) is committed to being beautiful, articulate, incisive, relevant to our client's and their market.

We ask questions like ‘Why?’ rather than ‘What?’. We help our clients to reconcile their heads and hearts, helping them get what they want, by making what they need.

Recent work

Here's Johnny!

Friends and owners of Arthur Radley Bistrôt engaged Studio Constantine to develop the identity, signage, packaging and brochure site for a new Italian-style Kitchen in Maling Road, Canterbury — Uncle Johnny's. Authenticity and simplicity led the aesthetic; from the monoline script logotype, to supporting typography, materials and processes.

Gutenberg, Pirotsky, et al.

Tractor Design School commissioned Studio Constantine, and fellow Melbourne studio Design by Bird to design their student awards for graduating classes in Melbourne and Bairnsdale. Our brief was simple; create awards that people actually want to hang on their wall. Our solutions utilised both 3D printing and cast ceramic tiles. Superbly framed by our friends at United Measures.


When The Design Kids asked us to be part of the 2014 event ‘Fourplay’, we were very happy to oblige. Studio Constantine worked with Monash student Holly Le on the design of an interactive poster, titled ‘Fade’, to be exhibited in 5 cities around Australia. Participants were given only an ink pad, and were required to use part of their body or an object on ‘their person’ at the time to complete the fade.


James Money is an award-winning Australian artist and Archibald finalist. He works in both portraiture and landscape, exploring themes of isolation. Studio Constantine worked with James in the planning, documenting, editing and production of a limited edition monograph with which to launch him into the Hong Kong art market during Art Basel / HK 2014.

Photography. Flore Diamant

Today's News

The Studio Papers are a periodical collection of themed words and pictures by thinkers and makers. Guild specifically looks at the importance of storytelling for artisan products and people, and the opportunities that come with the rise of online content curators and platforms like Nuji and Svpply.

Faces – after Munari

Studio Constantine developed a workshop with our friends at Bird as part of Tractor Design School’s ‘Inspired by Design’ event in Regional Victoria. Our title was inspired by the faces from Bruno Munari’s Design as Art 1966. Students experimented with abstraction, form and texture; sketching in 3D with found objects. Results were then collated and projected via Instagram (#tractorfaces) for group critique.

See. Do. Be.

Monash Views Estate is a premium land release in Victoria's Gippsland region. Blocks have been covenanted to ensure quality architectural responses to the site. Studio Constantine worked with MV Est. to develop an identity, sales materials and regional advertising campaign fit for a premium, lifestyle focussed offer.

Developing Landscapes

Studio Constantine worked with Millar | Merrigan on the concept, design and production of a new corporate brochure. With the company partnering in the opening of a new Regional Development Office in Latrobe Valley, Millar | Merrigan required a document to introduce their work and culture to a new client base, and also offer an updated snapshot of the business to long standing clients and friends.

Photography. Andrew Schweitzer Foto

C'est La Vie

Arthur Radley (bistrot) stands for a tradition of food and drink as being greater than simply sustenance; it is theatre, relationship, community and ultimately a statement of personality and values. As some of their earliest diners, Studio Constantine were thrilled to be invited to take that vision to the online space.

Photography. Andrew Schweitzer Foto